Friday, December 16, 2011

Skills for Saturday 12/17/11

Depending on the levels that come tomorrow this is our basic outline.

We will spend the first  10 minutes focusing on Flexibility:
  • 3-10 second straddle holds
  • 3-10 second pike holds
  • 3 shoulder stretches
Rope climb footing work, the "j" hold

Core Strength:
  • Working the negative "v" to lower, or tuck
  • Side plank holds
Handstand Variations: there will be three levels to this
  • Wall Facing holds
  • Handstand taps-Wall or on Box/lateral walking
  • Inverted burpees/Pressing to handstand/Handstand walking

Everyone will review proper handstand technique and then I will review each movement then we can work the skills at the appropriate level.

For those interested I can work a little 12 minute skill outline for you;

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Handstand Challege Video

This is taking handstands to a whole new level!! Just getting you excited for what we are capable of if we put our minds to it.

Don't worry this will NOT be in our workout on Saturday. I just thought it was great to see and wanted to share it with you all.

I will post the plans for Saturday tomorrow night.I do know I will go over proper foot placement for rope climbs.After seeing so many of you with blistering LARGE  scabs on your legs I want to to try to help you avoid that for the next round of climbing. This part will really only be a quick review then I will move onto a few other very basic gymnastics skills for any newbies to my class.

I want to focus on great form in these skills and create solid muscle memory pathways for the times when we want to increase the intensity. It takes thousands of  attempts of these gymnastics skills to truly master them.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Workout for Wednesday 12/7/11

I am going to play this a bit by ear. I am going to be working a few things but my priority is the rope climb. Depending on the amount of people that come I will see what other things I can add.

Here is the outline.

Dynamic warm up:Gymnastics based
Core strength work:
3- 20 sec handstand holds
3-20 sec plank holds on ball
5 candlestick stand up one or two legs

Skill work:
Rope climbing for all levels!!
Please remember long pants or hi socks also shoes that can take a bit of heat on the inner sole.

Would also like to cover pistols too if time allows

Metcon quickie:
(for those of you who feel good about the climbing and want a little extra)
5 Rounds:
1 rope climb
5 pistols each leg
15 double unders

Saturday, December 3, 2011

OOOhh Aahh Ropes!

For those of you who are looking at our new B-E-A-utiful ropes and are thinking YIKES! Have no fear I am going to tackle rope climbing this week on Wednesday night along with other things and probably go into it as a quick review again on our first Saturday class. I know, really i do, I was one of those kids who when that rope came out on elementary gym class , I wanted to melt into the ground. I swear to god that and softball where I would swing FOREVER and not hit the damn thing, and the gym teacher let you swing UNTIL you hit it, they were the worse days i can remember. Now I think I get it ropes ARE FUN and will help you in so many ways. You don't need to climb all the way up to see the benefits, for those of you who don't really like heights we can do other things right near the ground. I for one am very excited and happy that Kevin has invested into something so great for all of us.

Rope climbing has always been a popular form of exercise for the training of soldiers ...and with good reason. It was (and is) an excellent method for developing strength and endurance in the entire body that would come in handy for a variety of military maneuvers. If you can't pull yourself up when you need to in a tough situation, you just might be dead meat. I think now a days it is good for the every day person too. Being able to pull yourself up, think about this, just pull yourself up is something we ALL should be able to do.

I hope to see a few of you this week. I will post the workout on Tuesday night, it might end up just skills work and no Metcon WOD we will see how it goes. 

I promise not to make you line up like this....... I think my class was right after this one in school.