Friday, December 20, 2013

The 12 Days of Gymnastics skills!


So we will not be concentrating on a single skill but practicing all of the ones we have worked on throughout the year. Here is the 12 days of gymnastics, done as the song would be sung.....

1: Wall Climb
2: Dips
3: Pull Ups( Modified- ring rows)
4: Pistols- each leg
6: Wall Balls
7: Double Unders
8: Burpees
9: Sit Ups- (Adv- T2B)
10: Push Ups
11: Air Squats
12 High Box Jumps

It goes a little like this..

1 Wall climb... 1 wall climb,2 dips.... 1 walls climb, 2 dips, 3 Pulls ups...... 1 wall climb, 2 dips, 3 pulls ups, 4 pistols each leg..... all the way til the 12th day of Christmas!!