Saturday, November 18, 2017

Kipping mechanics for Pull ups and Toes 2 bar

Warm up: Ride /row or jump rope 3 minutes

Dynamic warm up:
3 sets of:
  •  foam roller angels 8
  •  hollow in and outs 8
  •  toe touch with torso twist 8 sets

Stretching: pec openers on wall or frame, ball roll around scapula

Skill Work for Kipping on the bars:
  • two positions of the Kip- review Hollow and tight arch hold 15-20 sec a piece with PVC
  • the tap swing 
  • PVC postioning for the push away
  • Hand release for that moment of weightlessness
Trying out Banded Kipping Pull Ups:
  • Pull Up strict then push AWAY to help with connection 
  • Putting it all together
Adding the Toes to Bar mechanics
  • 3 sets of 3 strict knees 2 elbows or toes 2 bar
  • knees to chest with quick kick
  • full ROM straight leg Toes 2 Bar
Optional Workout:
Min 1: 1 strict 2-3 kipping pull ups these can be done banded
Min 2: 10 sit ups
Min 3: 10 KB luggage dead lifts

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Muscle up progressions

I am going to be going over the skills leading up to achieving your muscle up. The skills we will go over will help you gain the knowledge of what you might need to work on and hopefully take away the drills to continue to work on them on your own time to master the Muscle up. 

Row, Run or ride for 3 minutes then:
2 rounds of:

  • 8 Crossover symmetry external rotations and 8 straight arm ski pulls
  • 5 tap swings on rings
  • 5 dislocates with PVC
  • 2-3 pull ups on rings if cannot do pull up then ring row.

Shoulder Mobility:
Arm Bar stretch 45 sec each side

Lat and Trap smash with tennis balls 1 min each side

Wrist stretches

Skill Work:
Taping your wrists also a new skill ;0)
  • ring holds 3 sets of 20 sec holds thumbs out
  • bar dips 3 sets of 2 LOW dips or Ring dips (RX'd)
  • False grip pulls 5 reps x 3 sets
  • laying flat work pull to chest
  • Seated
  • seated with press out
Muscle Up:
  • Low rings
    • feet in contact with floor- getting the head through finish in LOW dip!
    • Feet on a box with dynamic transitions
Ring Thing- training harness
  • 3 sets 3 reps with or without weight as needed
IF READY- Muscle up High rings- strict initially then with momentum