Friday, May 11, 2012

The Muscle Up

5-7 Dynamic Warm up
Flexibility and Core strength

Quick warm up and review of:
3 static 10 sec holds on rings
3 sets of 5 dips (can be banded)
3 sets of 3 dead hang chest to ring pulls ( this can be done with feet on the floor)

False grip review:

The Muscle up: Just too dang much to write about.

We will work it at various levels dialing in getting to the sweet spot when turning it over.

Can stay at
*Level 1 feet firmly planted on the ground
*Level 2- Banded with full ROM 

Those who are truly ready we can work on the swing with a false grip and give it a go on the full set of rings!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Handstands, Free Handstands, and HS Walking

May 5th

Depending on who turns out for this will determine what we get to.

This lesson is designed for ALL skill levels. Handstands are something you need to do hundreds of, maybe even thousands to get the hang of it. Come  in and get some practice in.

2 rounds- partner up
Hollow/superman rocks -10
shoulder stretch  
wheel barrel walk- forward and backwards
Light as a feather- core control!
Wrist stretches

Lets roll! Learning to fall safely quick review of how to bail

3 sets  walk outs
3 plank to partial handstand hold 5 sec on a box
Blocking drills- get the hang of locking out those elbows
3 sets of 3 wall climbs with shoulder shrug at top HOLD

10 minutes of handstand work:
To a wall - working pulling away actively
Free standing with a partner- time the holds or try to hold longer tighter etc than your partner.   

For those of you who are ready to walk or practice turning or pressing up to HS I would be more than happy to help you with that.

Below is what awaits you.... not really but amazing what can be done in a handstand.