Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Kipping Pull Up

I. Warm up 3 rounds:
  • 100 M run
  • 10 OHS with PVC
  • 10 Dislocates
  • 3 Bridge ups
II. Kipping Positioning
  • 20 Sec Hold x 3 sets
  • Superman Holds with PVC
  • 5 Hollow rocks x 3 sets 
  • 5 Superman Rocks x 3 sets

III. Partner Work
  • 10 sec shoulder retractions x3
  • Dead Hang pull up - or attempts
  • 3 of 5 sets of swing stops
  • 3 hand releases
  • Partner spotted kips.
  • For those who are trying to connect I will cover the transition.

Double Unders/Singles-40-30-20(scaled)
Kipping pull ups/banded kipping(scaled)
Box Jumps

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sunday May 4th- Muscle up Progression skills

Muscle Up Progressions

Warm Up:
3 rounds
30 fast feet jump rope
5 shoulder dislocated
3-5 hollow body rocks to sit up- working arm transitions
5 Indian push ups

Two way shoulder stretch on bar
Wrist stretch

Taping wrists ;0)

Skill work:
False grip holds 3 sets of ten seconds each- on bar
  •     The false grip puts your wrist over the rings and therefore on top of the ring at the start so no need to rotate it later. 
  •     The wrist becomes a hinge. 
  •     Thumb on top on fingers

3 sets 5 dips- HOLD AT THE BOTTOM 5 sec- (rx'd/banded) rest 2 minutes between sets)
  •         Get comfortable at the bottom
  •         Shoulder past the rings forearm should be VERTICAL
  •         Can you keep the rings close to the body

3 sets 5 chest to rings  rest 1 minute between sets (rx'd or Banded)
  •         Chin IN!
  •         Lean back and think rib cage to rings
  •         Toes come up and forward

10 minutes working the transition- open body on bands - to deep dip position.
  • Banded from the bottom of low rings
  • Laying on floor with hard hip drive
  • ON the ring muscle up rigging 

·         For those who are consistently successful with the transition the rest of the time can be spent working the muscle up controlled! Full ROM on either the high rings or banded on the low ones.

  • Start in a dead hang hollow body position with shoulders glued to your ears
  • Hands are turned out and in a false grip
  • Initiate movement by pulling your shoulder blades back and down and making your neck long
  • Make sure ribs stay down, abs and butt on
  • Follow through with a pull and allow hands to rotate freely as you direct your hips towards the rings
  • When the pull reaches its peak, transition into a dip by sending the head up and over the rings while raising the toes up
  • If done correctly this should look like a sit up done around the rings
  • Once in the hole of the dip treat the rest of the movement as a regular ring dip
  • Finish with elbows in full lock out and hands with thumbs in the ten & two o'clock position