Monday, March 5, 2012

Keep working those basics

For the next few weeks during the opens competition we will be putting the  Saturday gymnastics classes on hold. This certainly doesn't mean you should stop working those basic skills.

This week get inverted try:
3 rounds:
5 walls climbs ( keep those arms close to your head and the shoulders active or shrugged)
5 candlestick to tuck jumps
5 toes to bar or knees up as high as you can.

Keep your core tight on all of these moves and work form and not speed.

Gymnastics class will start back up on April 7th.

 Here is a video on the candlestick tuck jump for those of you who have never seen one. Be sure to get up WITHOUT using your hands and keep your knees pressed together. Advanced people can get up with one leg like a pistol.

I will post a new skill set each week if you feel like trying them and feel free to grab me or email me if you have questions.