Friday, April 20, 2012


Pistols and Basic Rope Climbing technique:

Dynamic Warm-up:
2 rounds
100M running Jump rope
5 L-leg raises
5 hollow roll to in and out sit ups
5 shoulder dislocates

Lunge stretch for Hams and Quads

Pistols Progressions:
*Set up
*5 candlestick to two foot stand
*5 candlestick to single leg/or single leg lower to candlestick

7-10 Min Work Banded(L1)/ to Box(L2) or full depth pistols

Rope Climbing
*Hang test
*locking Feet
* Learning the "J" hold

Friday, April 13, 2012

GWOD 4/14

Stretch and Flexibility for Wrists and shoulders

Mastering the hollow hold for core strength

We will be working on the rings today!

All of these moves will be with the support of a partner or two:

3 sets Skin the Cats to toe touch
3-5 Inverted holds- 10 seconds

Front Levers : These will all be done with various sized bands to gain some core control and strength.

All skill levels are welcome to come try out some new skills!  

Monday, April 2, 2012

Hold IT!

Warm up: Two rounds
20 single unders
5 Hip openers each leg (pistols with ankle on opposite leg lower body to horizontal)
5 side plank walks

Work on core and shoulder stability:

L-Holds 15 seconds on 15 second rest x3

         Choose from - rings, piralettes, or floor (whole body lifts in L hold off ground)

Complete 3 in and out situps to hollow hold then roll to superman, 2 each side, x 3 sets rest as needed -        this will make a total of 12 sit ups each set.

Handstand holds- 20 sec on 10 second rest 3 rounds. face or back to wall
               If you are new to Handstand and worried, try putting your feet on boxes or varied heights, or     place your hands on the floor by a wall and just kick ONE foot towards the wall gently keep elbows LOCKED and hands at shoulder width until you get the feel of it..      

Our next gymnastics classes will not be until April-14 due to my surgery coming up this week!  I am excited to say we will also have Mike Dillon one of our new trainers helping me out.