Saturday, December 17, 2016

Handstand Push up skill work then 12 Days of Holiday Fun workout

We will do about 20 minutes worth of skill work on the Handstand push up after warming up than plan to get a sweaty!

Warm Up: 3 minutes of either jump rope skill work Assault or row. then,
3 rounds of:
  • 5 shoulder dislocates
  • 15 toe raises each leg
  • 5 pausing air squats
  • 20 Handstand Hold

Pec Minor- smash with lacrosse ball 2:00 min

Foam roll Lats 2-3 min and Thoracic Spine

Shoulder distraction 1:00 each arm

Skill Work:
  • Free standing Handstands
  • Working on the tripod stand
  • ON a box learning the body position of the HSPU
  • Establish ability level for the HSPU with Abmats against wall
  • Kipping Mechanics for the HSPU- for those who demonstrate the strength on strict
Today we will be getting a chance to try out all of the skills have worked all year in one nifty workout!

 Twelve Days Of gymnastics skills

RX'd                         Scaled
1.Wall Climb            1. plank hold( 20 sec)
2.Dips                      2. Parallette dips
3.Pull ups                3. Ring rows
4.Pistols (2 ea leg)  4. to a box
5.HSPU                   5. HSPU on the floor or shoulder taps
6.Wall Balls             6. Wall Balls scaled weight and size
7.Dbl Unders           7. single unders
8.Burpees                8 Burpees
9.Toes 2 Bar            9. Sit ups/ knees to elbows
10.Push Ups           10. Banded push ups
11.Air Squats          11. Air squats
12. BoxJumps         12. Box jumps low height or step ups

It will go just like the song...

1...2-1....3-2-1....4-3-2-1....5-4-3-2-1  until you hit 12!!

******people can scale some, none or all of the skills just have fun!