Friday, November 8, 2019

Muscle Up progressions- 11/10 at 9 am

Muscle Up Progressions:  Sunday 9am!!!

As I do for most of my classes we will go over the basics and then move along as I see the abilities of those attending. This is a loose format of what we will cover.

3 minutes- bike, row or jump rope


3 rounds of:
  • 10 shoulder dislocates 5 each hand grip
  • Low tap swing on rings 3-5
  • 5 supinated bar rows- keep hollow
Mobility Work
  • 20 second Handcuff stretch with assistance
  • 30 sec arm bar stretches each side
  • Pec stretch
Strength Elements
2 sets of:
  • 15-20 sec ring holds thumbs out
  • 3-5 strict toes to bar can be assisted work the negative (scaled can do 10 'V' snaps)
  • 2-3 strict pull ups (scaled 2-3 negative pull ups)
  • 2-3 bar or rings dips
Low ring work
  • Establish the False grip- taping
  • Laying flat
  • pull to press out
  • Rings at armpit height-6 pull through to low dip
Dynamic Elements:
  • Transitioning from below to above the rings;
    • With feet elevated on a plate or a box
    • on a band or several bands
  •  Tap swing with pull to hips
Strict Muscle up on Ring Thing
  • 3 sets of 3-5 reps
On the High rings- (for those who are ready).
  • assisted muscle ups

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