Saturday, July 7, 2018

Muscle up Conditioning Strength and Transitions

Row, Run or ride for 3 minutes then:
2 rounds of:

  • 8 Crossover symmetry external rotations and 8 straight arm ski pulls
  • 5 dislocates with PVC
  • 5 dive bombers - chest and hip opening

Shoulder Mobility:
Arm Bar stretch 45 sec each side

Lat and Trap smash with tennis balls 1 min each side

Wrist stretches

Skill Work: 2 rounds of
  • 2 -3 pull ups on rings x 2 sets
  • ring hold 20 sec holds thumbs out x 2
  • bar dips  3-5 LOW or Ring dips (RX'd) x2
Taping your wrists also a new skill ;0)
  • false grip review - pulls on rings
  • laying flat work pull to chest
  • Seated
  • seated with press out
Muscle Up:
  • Low rings
    • feet in contact with floor- getting the head through finish in LOW dip!
    • Feet on a box with dynamic transitions
Ring Thing- training harness
  • 3 sets 3 reps with or without weight as needed
IF READY- Muscle up High rings- strict initially then with momentum