Saturday, October 31, 2015

Rope climbs here we come!!

Warm up:

  • 30 fast feet jump rope
  • bear crawl 
  • 5 shoulder dislocates
  • ladder drill
Gymnastics Stretch: shoulder focus and hips

Core and Shoulder stability:
  • Front lean rest with scap retraction 10 reps x 3 sets
  • Hollow Hold feet down shoulders up 20 sec x 3 sets
  • Plank hold with single leg lift 5 ea leg x 3 sets- can be banded
Rope Climb:
  • Pully System 2 reps increasing weight x 2 sets
  • Hanging tuck holds on rope 15 sec x 3 sets
  • Working the leg locks- "J" and 'S"
  • laying to standing first then,
  • Climbing attempts
Workout: 12 minutes of
  • 1 rope climb
  • 5 heavy cleans
  • 200 M run
  • 2 pulley rope climbs/or 2 laying rope to standing
  • 10 hand release push ups or banded push ups
  • 200 M run/ 15 cal AD

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Kipping mechanics and Wall climbs

Gearing up for Southie!


  • Kipping for pull ups and chest to bar
  • Wall climbs
  • The kip of the HSPU 
This is a lot to cover in one class but several people have been asking this week for help in these areas.  We will try to get at least a bit of time on each skill and then I will let you separate and attack that which is stressing you out the most and hope to help you dial in some technique.

Dynamic Warm Up: Running hopping skipping..... 

Banded shoulder stretch and wrist mobility.

Shoulder stability and core strength

  • A1: 5 KB windmills each arm x 3 sets
  • A2: 20 sec arch hold x 3 sets with PVC in hands
  • A3: 30 sec hanging hold x 3 sets
Skill Work for Kipping:
  • two positions of the Kip
  • the tap swing for the kip
  • Hand release for that moment of weighlessness
  • Putting it all together with an aggressive snap and pull.
On to the wall:
  • Push up starting point
  • Arm position
  • can you Handstand Hold ? Can you HS hold belly facing and touching wall?
(**this is optional and meant to give you and idea of adding wall climbs while slightly fatigued)

7 Min cap:
Scaled version:
5 rounds of
  • 10 thrusters
  • 6 snatches
  • 2 wall climbs
RX'd version
 5 rounds of:
  • 10 Thrusters
  • 6 snatches
  • 4 HSPU

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Handstands of all varieties! 10/4/15

Handstands All Around!!

****Depending on the skill level of those attending will determine if we start walking or not.

Obstacle Agility Warm up:
Forward roll----Bear Crawl---Hurdles---pike walk -- 5 wall angels x 3 sets.

Mobility- Shoulders, wrists and Hamstrings

Skill Warm up: 3 min done together

5 lunge kicks slowly!!- "t" stands
5 scapula Push ups
Hollow Holds seconds- one leg out hold 3 sec 5 each side- core strength


  • Stacking the body
  • teeter totters on line on floor 8-10 reps
  • holding ( mark floor with chalk line
  • Free Standing by pulling away from wall then with a partner

Handstand Push up Progression work:
  • Tripod Stand- establish correct ROM
  • Pike Push up
  • HSPU on Boxes
  • HSPU to Ab-mats
Kipping HSPU Progression
  • Hip extension on floor
  • Hip extension up wall
  • Kipping HSPU controlled lowering!!

Handstand Walking 
  • Falling practice
  • Wheel Barrell walks with a partner 
  • Shrug, then shifts
  • walking around a box feet on box

Skinny Diane:
Handstand Push ups
Deadlifts- Heavy