Saturday, November 14, 2015

Muscle Up Progression Work

Circle stretch with attention on shoulders and wrists:

Warming up 3 rounds:

3 Pull Ups- strict clusters of 1.1.1 are fine
3 Push Ups- elbows IN
3 pvc pipe dislocates

Creating tension with shapes:
  • Hollow hold
  • arch hold

Can you dip on rings? 
  • Holds on rings- elbows locked out, thumbs facing forward rings in proper alignment 20 sec x 3 sets
  • 3 sets of 2 low dips on rings/ or bar

False grip and the pull to ribs:
  • False grip review and taping 
  • Low rings seated on floor, ring pulls with false grip 3 reps x 3 sets- (get rings into chest)

  • 3 reps 3 sets of Pike turn over on the floor
  • Low Rings- 3 reps 3-4 sets( or more) of the turn over with press out- sitting ON THE FLOOR
  •  3 reps 3-4 sets turn over with legs raised at end- Can you wiggle your fingers- NO DEATH GRIP
  • Muscle up rigging strict (weighted- adv)
  • Boxed turn overs for explosive hip recruitment- plates to higher box

  • Establish false grip wiggle fingers
  • Establish grip and hanging hold 5 seconds
  • Strict pull on high rings

Full Strict  partner spotted Muscle Up attempts/successes 3 sets of 2 resting as needed.