Friday, October 11, 2019

Handstands and some HS walking progressions

Hiya Everyone!

So in a few weekends we will be having our annual Pat P memorial workout. AND in this amazing workout there is the opportunity to do Handstand walking as well as a scaled version which includes wall climbs.

Now, that being said not everyone should DO the walking but I would like to give a few people some options and maybe a chance to get a bit closer or get a few steps in. I will be covering strength and agility to get you there, in all levels so everyone is welcome. We will cover wall climbs and walking as well as a few HSPU drills.

Warm Up; Bike -Row or Run 3 min 

Then 2 sets of:
  • Inch worm walk outs feet drag in 5 reps
  • 10 varied shoulder dislocates
  • 30 sec each side scapula ball rolling
Wrist stretches and arm circles

Practice falling;
  • rolling
Progressions for walking;
  • Plank holds with taps
  • Box L holds with taps
  • Box HS around the world
  • Wall climbs
  • belly facing holds 20 sec x 2
  • shoulder taps 5 each side x 2
  • thigh taps 2 each side x 2
HSPU basics

LETS WALK!!! assisted of course.

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