Saturday, September 15, 2018

Kipping Pull Ups

Depending on the level of athletes we get I will cover different aspects of the kip. This could include- banded, traditional kipping and butterfly kipping.

Warm up: 3 sets of:
  • 30 Single Jump rope or 15 doubles
  • 5 each side bridge turn overs
  • 5 dive bombers straddle walk out 
Shoulder : arm bar, pec stretch and wrists and arm circles

shoulder and core strength:
  • A1: 20 sec arch hold roll to hollow holds x 3 sets 
  • A2: Hanging shoulder shrugs 6-8 reps x 3 sets
  • A3: Bottoms Up KB  walk down and back x3
  • A4: pull ups- 2-3 reps strict either assisted or unassisted x 3 reps (scaled is negatives)
Low Bar work:
  • Unweighted- working the push away in the kip and the basic butterfly mechanics   5 reps x 3 sets of each style
Skill Work for Kipping on the bars:
  • two positions of the Kip HOLD each 10-15 sec
  • the tap swing - tight body!!
  • Hand release for that moment of weightlessness- the moment of the pull.
Trying out Banded Kipping Pull Ups:
  • Pull Up strict then push AWAY to help with connection 
  • Putting it all together
If there is a time or need we will go over toes to bar OR the mechanics of Butterflying unweighted.