Saturday, February 27, 2016

Handstand Push Ups Strict and Kipping skills

3 minutes double under practice

Mobility- Shoulders, wrists and Hamstrings

Skill Warm up: 3 min
5 shoulder dislocates
5 scapula Push ups
Hollow Holds 20 seconds

Free Standing Handstands:

  • T-kick
  • finding your balance

Handstand Push up Progression work:
  • Tripod Stand- establish correct ROM
  • Pike Push up
  • HSPU on Boxes 3 reps x 3 sets
  • HSPU to Ab-mats
Kipping HSPU Progression
  • Hip extension on floor
  • Hip extension up wall
  • Kipping HSPU controlled lowering!! free standing with me as well
WORKOUT: Optional- this is a opens style workout similar to last year

7 Minutes Of:
2 Cleans- 185/125, 155/95
2 Cleans
2 Cleans
2 Cleans
( HSPU can be modified to box HSPU or floor pike push ups as needed)
**** continue to go up 2 reps of the HSPU  until 7 minutes is up.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Kipping Pull Ups and Kipping toes to Bar

Warm up: 3 sets of:

  • 30 Single Jump rope or 15 doubles
  • 10 Hollow rock
  • 5 shoulder dislocates
Stretching the shoulder and wrists

Shoulder stability and core strength
  • A1: 5 KB windmills each arm x 3 sets rest 45 sec
  • A2: 20 sec arch hold x 3 sets with PVC in hands
  • A3: Arch to hollow transitions- rolling
  • A4: 6-8 'V' snaps x 3 sets
Skill Work for Kipping:
  • two positions of the Kip
  • the tap swing for the kip
  • Hand release for that moment of weightlessness
  • Working the push AWAY to help with connection
  • Putting it all together
Adding the Toes to Bar mechanics
  • Strict toes to bar or best attempts
  • knees to chest with quick kick
  • full ROM straight leg Toes 2 Bar


 "Cindy"- Slimmed down ;0)

12 min of:

5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 Air squats

We can modify as needed for people who need to scale.