Saturday, November 29, 2014

Playing with the handstand!

Hello My Gymnastics Vagabonders!!

I would like to play a little tomorrow in class. I fell like as adult we tend to not let loose and try new things. SO I am taking the handstand as a Platform and we are going to run with it. (NOT literally)

Warm Up:
Ring swings
Crab Walk
Single leg hops
5 Shoulder dislocates

Flexibility:Shoulders and wrists mainly- Attempt a few Hollow holds to fish rock log rolls


Inverted on the rings;

  • The kick over
  • Touch and go
  • Inversion and hold
Wall Climbs
  • Climb and hold
  • Work the pull away and balance
The free Handstand
  • Wheelbarrow Walk
  • Partner Holds
  • Handstand Walking
Handstand Pressing if there is interest.

3 rounds
15 FT Handstand Walk or 2 wall climbs
10 Toes to Bar or "V" snaps
10 HIGH box jumps ( scaled to wtd squat jumps)

*****Extra Work for now or later 

Take a little time to work on your flexibility and mobility. These two things when worked on a regular basis will greatly improve your range of motion and ability to keep in good alignment when lifting and doing other activities.  Try holding a straddle stretch for 3 minutes cumulative and then a right and left leg forward in a Split/or scaled variation, one leg on a box, couch or other item about 20-30" off the ground lean forward towards the extended leg and hold.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Rope climbs and Pistol fun for Sunday!

Warm Up: Obstacle ;0)

Stretch and Flexibility- Partner work

3 Rounds;
15 second bar hang
3 lower to candle stick- stand up attempt
5 Indian push ups

Pistol progressions:

  • Shin alignment
  • Counter balance
  • to a box
  • with a band
  • ON a box

Rope Climbs!!
  • Hang test- how did you do in warm ups?
  • Locking your feet
  • "J' hold vs. 'S' hold
 WOD: this is for form not time

3 rounds:
5 pistols each leg
5-10 toes to bar- kness to elbows
1 rope climb/ if doing modified 3 attemps

Cash Out;
1 minute accumulated Wall Handstand hold/modified plank or feet on a box plank.