Saturday, December 20, 2014

Twelve Days Of Gymnastics

Dynamic Warm up- gymnastics style
Skills set warm up:
2 rounds:

  • 5 Hollow Body rocks
  • 3 Candle Stick Stand ups
  • 3 PVC Pipe Dislocates

Quick wrist and shoulder stretch


  • Stacking the body
  • Frog stand working the press
  • picking a level
    • pike on floor
    • box
    • abmat/s
    • full depth

Today we will be getting a chance to try out all of the skills have worked all year in one nifty workout!

 Twelve Days Of gymnastics skills

1.Wall Climb
3.Pull ups
6.Wall Balls
7.Dbl Unders
9.Toes 2 Bar
10.Push Ups
12.High BoxJumps

It'll  go a little like this....
 1 wall Climb.... 1 Wall Climb 2 dips...... 1 Wall Climb 2 dips 3 Pull Ups......

See you tomorrow at 9 sharp!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Muscle Up Skill work

Warming up 3 rounds:

3 Pull Ups- strict
3 Push Ups- elbows IN
3 Dislocates

Can you dip on rings?
  • Holds on rings 20 sec rest 1 min x 3 sets 
  • 3 sets of 2 low dips on rings/ or bar

False grip and the pull to ribs:
  • False grip review and taping 
  • Low rings seated on floor, ring pulls with false grip
  • 3 reps x 3 sets pull ups on rings

  • Banded transitions- getting used to the pull 
  • 3 reps 3 sets of Pike turn over on the floor
  • Low Rings- 3 reps 3-4 sets( or more) of the turn over with press out- sitting ON THE FLOOR
  •  3 reps 3-4 sets turn over with legs raised at end- Can you wiggle your fingers- NO DEATH GRIP
  • Muscle up rigging strict (weighted- adv)
  • Establish false grip wiggle fingers
  • Establish grip and hanging hold 5 seconds
  • Swings 5 swings  x 3 sets
Muscle up:

Spotted slow and steady on regular sets for those who are ready